Walking Liberty Half Dollar History - Get to know your Coin Ring

by Dylan Holland on November 30, 2017

Walking Liberty Half Dollar History - Blog No. 2 - Get to know your Coin Ring

Our second blog in the "Get to know your Coin Ring" series details the Walking Liberty Half Dollar history. The rising sun behind Lady Liberty striding ever forward make this coin a favorite. Enjoy learning more about this beautiful coin and how she came to be!

The Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Designer - Adolph A. Weinman

Weight - 12.50 grams

Diameter - 30.63 mm

Thickness - 1.8 mm

Edge - Reeded

Composition - 90% silver, 10% copper

Silver weight - 0.36169 troy oz

Years Minted - 1916 - 1947

Time for Change

In 1890, the United States Congress passed an act declaring that the Director of the Mint would have power, barring approval from the Secretary of the Treasury, to call for new coin designs. However, changes in design could only occur once every twenty-five years.

Before the Walking Liberty Half Dollar, dimes, quarters, and half dollars bore the Barber design, introduced in 1892. After Mint Director, Robert W. Woolley received his position; the twenty-five-year mark elapsed and the process to change designs began. He invited three sculptors to prepare designs, Hermon A. MacNeil, Albin Polasek, and Adolph A. Weinman, all residing in New York City. The original intention gave each artist an opportunity to design one of three coins. However, Weinman was given the task of two, the half dollar and the dime, while MacNeil received the quarter and Polasek was not included.

The Design

The obverse side represented Lady Liberty striding toward a rising sun wearing our beloved Stars and Stripes while carrying branches of laurel and oak. The laurel and oak represented civil and military glory.

The reverse side displays a majestic eagle perched on a mountain cliff. His wings are unfolded, suggesting power, and a mountain pine sapling is shown sprouting from a crack in the rock of the mountain. Adolph's initials, AW, can be seen under the tail feathers of the eagle.

Own a wearable piece of history

We hope you enjoyed this short history lesson on the Walking Liberty Half Dollar. It's one of our favorites and available in several options in our store. You can see more by clicking here: Walking Liberty Half Dollar Coin Ring also here, Walking Liberty Spartan Mask Necklace and lastly here: Walking Liberty Coin Necklace


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