Silver State Quarter Coin History – Blog No. 6 – Get to know your Silver State Quarter Ring and The History of the Silver State Quarter

by Dylan Holland on November 30, 2017

Silver State Quarter Coin History – Blog No. 6 – Get to know your Silver State Quarter Ring and The History of the Silver State Quarter

Nevada Silver State Quarter


Our sixth blog in the GET TO KNOW YOUR COIN series details the Silver State Quarter Coin history. We use this proof coin for our Silver State Quarter Coin Ring, and today we'll outline a little of the coin's history for you.

The Silver State Quarter Coins that we use for our rings were minted between 1999 and 2008.  These Silver State Quarters are proofs and were minted for collectors; they have a higher silver percentage than currency quarters.

Louisiana Silver State Quarter with Patina

Specs - The Silver State Quarter

Designer –  Varies
Diameter – 24.26 mm (0.955 in)
Weight - 0.35 oz.
Edge – reeded
Composition - 90% silver
Years Minted – 1999 - 2008


The State Quarter was produced from 1999 to 2008 by the US Mint.  and was the result of the State Quarter Program, which featured each of the 50 states on the quarters.  The State Quarter Program was started to inspire a new generation of coin collectors, and went on to become the most successful coin collecting program in history.  In 2009, the State Quarter Program was followed by the 2009 District of Columbia and U.S. Territories Program.

Inception and Original Release

The State Quarters were released in the order in which each of the 50 states ratified the constitution.  Five quarter designs were released per year, beginning with Delaware in 1999 and ending with Hawaii in 2008.  However, the date on the coins reflects when each of the states became part of the Union.

To see the full list of state quarters, see each of the designs and find out when they were produced, check out this article on Wikipedia:

What is the difference between a silver proof and a circulated State Quarter?

The quarters that we use for our rings are 90% silver and are collectible only, whereas circulated state quarters are nickle clad copper.

 Michigan Silver State Quarter

Own your own wearable piece of history!

This silver state quarter coin ring will feature a the state of your choosing created from a real 90% silver proof coin. The U.S. minted these state quarter coins from 1999 until 2008.  You have your choice of finishes either done in a beautiful black patina or a high shine polished silver finish.

Kentucky Silver State Quarter with patina

Each ring is expertly handcrafted from an authentic U.S. coin through the process of punching, annealing, folding, and filing. The ring takes approximately 1-2 hours to craft with every attention paid to detail. Whichever finish you choose, our silver state quarter coin ring is certain to make an exquisite addition to your collection capture the attention of all your friends and loved ones.

Our rings include:

Authentic Silver State Quarter (pick your state)
1 Velvet Jewelry Bag

If you'd like to purchase your own, they are available here:

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