Coin Ring Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get my ring size?
A: There are many online tools and printouts to help determine the size for your coin ring. However, many of them are not truly accurate so I would instead recommend getting sized by a jeweler or visit a jewelry counter in a large commercial store. Getting sized only takes a few seconds and is usually free of charge.

Q: How soon can I expect my order?
A: Depending on the volume of orders we have received for the week, most orders are completed and shipped out within 2-3 business days with the exception of custom orders where the coin will need to be ordered. Customers have the option of First Class (3-5 day shipping) or Priority (2-3 day shipping). Orders can get backed up around holidays so it is recommended to place a holiday order at least 2 weeks ahead of time to ensure the coin ring arrives on time.

Q:Do you accept Returns/Exchanges?
A: When an order is placed the crafting process starts in which case a hole is punched into a high grade coin and crafted to the size, finish, and specs for that particular customer. For this reason returns and exchanges cannot be accepted for our hand crafted rings and jewelry.

Q: Can I have my ring re-sized?
A: If you ordered one of our rings with a high polish silver finish I will normally re-size it for free if needed, just pay return shipping. However, if you ordered one of our rings with a patina finish or a colored powder coated ring, they cannot be re-sized without damaging the finish and clear coat. If you didn't procure your true ring size before ordering and your ring does not fit, it can still be re-sized at the cost of $20 to have the finish and clear re-applied after being re-sized.

Q: May I supply the coin to be crafted?
A: Normally I supply the coins for the rings to ensure the grade of the coin is high enough so that the finished product meets my high standards for a ring. If you wish to supply a coin for me to craft you need to be sure it can be easily replaced if needed and in Very Fine to Extra Fine detail or better.

Q: Do you accept custom orders?
A: I will usually accommodate a custom order as long as I can easily obtain the coin in a high enough grade and it is within a reasonable price range or can be easily replaced if needed.

Q: Are any chemicals used that may cause an adverse skin reaction?
A: The only chemicals used to craft the coin rings are for the patinas and finish. For our finishes we use a variety of products depending on the item. They include Liver of Sulfur and hydrochloric acid solutions commonly used by most hand crafted jewelers and hobbyists and are not harmful when cured unless the wearer has an allergy to the above mentioned compounds. Our line of colorized rings are done in powder coat which also should not pose a problem when cured unless the wearer has allergies to resins or other powder coat compounds. Customers should be aware of their own known allergies and order items accordingly, we cannot be responsible for any reactions caused by allergies from wearing our coin jewelry.

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