The Road To Coin Rings

by Dylan Holland on November 30, 2017

How it all began

Crafting coin rings, it all began with an idea and a coin...

After ten years of collecting coins and metal detecting for them, I wanted to do something else with my finds besides put them in a book. I wanted the ability to share my finds with other coin enthusiasts and detectorists without carrying around a coin album. Then I saw a coin ring.

Next came a lot of research, reading, and trial and error, but the effort was worth it.

Thanks to word of mouth, I've received a lot of interest in my coin rings, the orders came in quicker than I expected, and was born.

Over the past few years our knowledge and expertise of crafting coin rings has only gotten better and better and we are proud to now offer some of the best craftsmanship of coin rings on the market today.

Thanks to all who supported my vision and everyone who have placed orders for coin rings. It's a pleasure to share my love of coins with all of you.

Please feel free to explore the coin ring shop on our website at the link below and browse our growing number of coin jewelry items.

Click here to view our web store -


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