About Our Last Laugh Memento Mori Collectible Copper Coin Ring

by Dylan Holland on November 30, 2017

About Our Last Laugh Memento Mori Collectible Copper Coin Ring

 Last Laugh Copper Coin Ring

In today's post we are going to look at one of our brand new copper coin rings. Our Last Laugh Memento Mori Collectible Copper Coin Ring translates to "remember death."  The warning reminds man that death can come at any time and will always have the last laugh. These rings are manly and have a rustic look without breaking the pocket book.

The Last Laugh Coin Ring

Copper coin rings are individually made and are available in any size between 9-16.  The Last Laugh Memento Mori Collectible Copper Coin Ring weighs 0.75 ounce and is 11.4mm high.  The uncirculated collectible coin we used to create our new heirloom quality ring was minted by the Anonymous Minting company.  It was designed by Julie Lindquist.

The Last Laugh Coin Ring


In Victorian Funerary Art, you'll find a lot of symbolism. In the case of our Last Laugh Memento Mori Collectible Copper Coin Ring, both the hourglass and the crossed reaping knives/scythes symbolize the passing of time.

A Little Bit About the History of Funerary Art

While researching the coin for today's post, we found a flagrant disregard for history. In one case, a website even stated that the Victorian Era (from 1837AD to 1901AD) occurred during the Middle Ages (5th to the 15th century AD, approximately 400AD-1400AD). While it is true that both points in history showed interest in funerary art, the origins are actually earlier than that. Much of the art and religion during the height of the Egyptian civilizations (3100BC-30BC) revolved around death.  As a result, funerary art was one of their most common art forms.

I suspect that much of the resurgence during the Victorian era in funerary art was due to incredible archaelogical discoveries in Egypt during that time. Many of the tombs of the most famous pharaohs were rediscovered and excavated during the Victorian era. Egyptian artifacts were sent North to England and displayed in the museums. As a result, Egyptian themes and design took England by storm and interest spread across the globe.

The Last Laugh Coin Ring


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