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Colorized Military Coin Rings

Now available in color!
Instead of using the old patina methods, these rings are powder coated and then given a high gloss shine.
Powder coat takes more time but is much more durable than other "patina" finishes and will not wear as much over time.

These military coin rings feature a real .999 fine silver round of the military branch of your choice expertly crafted and customized to your personality. These powder coated armed forces rings are gorgeous and sure to capture the attention of all your friends and family. While our polished silver rings can be resized by any local jeweler, rings with color are done with powder coat and cannot be resized without damaging the finish so it is highly recommended that you are correctly sized by a jeweler prior to ordering a colored ring.

The purchase of this listing includes one authentic .999 fine silver military coin ring with the following specifications:

Customized to US sizes ranging from 8 to 15

Height: 14mm

Weight: 0.75 oz

Finish: Powder Coat

Free velvet ring bag

*Notes* If you have any known allergies to resins or cured powder coat you can message me to request one be made in a polished silver finish.

If you would like to customize your ring further you may send me a message prior to purchase. Using only top quality silver rounds in uncirculated condition, it is easy to see why the details on the final product are so exquisite.

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