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Silver Dollar Coin Ring Gift Set

Coin jewelry, particularly coin rings, are a prized addition to anyone's collection if they are a true collector. This coin ring gift set features a silver ring that is handcrafted from 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar to offer you a gift idea that will both impress and captivate your friend or loved one. Whether it be a birthday gift, Valentine's Day, or Christmas, this coin ring gift set is sure to impress.

The purchase of this gift set includes all of the following:

One 1921 Morgan dollar coin ring customized to US sizes ranging from 8 to 16

Height: 12.5 – 13 mm

90% polished silver

Black leather ring box with white satin lining

Collectible ¼ ounce silver round displaying the Morgan Silver Dollar design encased in a protective showcase capsule

Glossy card stock keepsake booklet detailing the history of the Morgan Silver Dollar

The Perfect Gift

This gift set is for any true connoisseur of coins and jewelry. With only twenty-five of these coin ring sets offered at this time, this men’s silver ring is exceptional, historical, and is guaranteed to impress you or your loved one. No matter which size you choose, we expertly craft your ring through a series of punches, folds, stretches, and polishing that can take up to two hours per ring. Using only top quality Morgan silver dollars in very fine to extra fine condition, it is easy to see why the details on the final product are so exquisite.

If you would like to customize this ring further, please use the "contact" link at the top of the page to send me a message before purchase to discuss options (such as reversing which side of the coin shows outside).

If you want to purchase a ring for yourself but don't need everything in the coin ring gift set, you can click the following link to purchase just the single ring in a finish of your choosing.

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