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Silver Dollar Coin Rings

Sold individually, each order is for 1 coin ring made to your specifications.

These authentic silver dollar coin rings are expertly crafted and customized to your personality. With your choice of finishes, either in a beautiful polished silver, striking black patina, or a 1-sided band (Wedding Band Style), our coin rings are sure to make a statement in any finish you choose. While our polished silver rings can be resized by any local jeweler, rings with the black patina cannot be resized without damaging the finish so it is highly recommended that you are correctly sized by a jeweler prior to ordering a patina'd finish.

The purchase of this listing includes one authentic 90% silver Morgan Silver Dollar coin ring with the following specifications:

Customized to US sizes ranging from 8 to 16

Height: 12mm

Weight: 0.70 oz

Finish: Black Patina, Polished Silver, or 1-Sided Wedding Band Style

Free velvet ring bag included

Silver Dollar Coin Rings FAQ:

Q: What years do you use and can I choose my own year?

A: I generally use 1921 dates for the Morgan silver dollar coin rings since there were many produced by the mint that year and much better grades can be had at the same price as a much lower quality 1800's date. I do take requests for older coins but the price of the ring will increase depending on the scarcity and price of the year requested. Morgan dollars were minted from 1878-1904 and once again in 1921.

Q: Which finish is best for me, what are the differences?

A: This depends on how you wear the ring. If it is a ring you will wear on occasion for a night out with friends, the black patina finish is great and definitely commands the attention to show off. If it is intended to be worn daily and/or during any job requiring a lot of physical labor then I would recommend the polished silver finish since the finish won't easily be damaged and can be re-polished by you at anytime. We also offer our silver dollar coin rings in a powder coat finish which are more durable and can be had in different colors.

Q: How long does a patina finish last/Can it be touched up?

A: Typically, patina on a coin ring will last half a year or more really depending on how much wear is put on it. I use a professional patina solution used by jewelers but there are many ways to patina a ring and some can be done at home. Liver of Sulfur can be had at most hobby shops fairly cheap and is used by many people to re-patina silver jewelry. It only takes a few seconds to apply then you simply go back over the ring with some fine steel wool to bring out the details. Alternatively, rings can also be sent back in to me to be re-finished at a cost of $20 per ring.

Q: Can I have my ring re-sized?

A: I will generally re-size any polished silver ring for free if needed, just include return shipping cost when sending the ring in. Black patina finishes and powder coat finishes cannot be re-sized without damaging the finish so it is highly recommended to be sized by a jeweler before ordering one of these finishes. It should also be noted that coin rings are sized by the rim size of the coin ring and will have a very slightly larger diameter on the opposite side. This is because there is simply more silver in the rim of the coin essentially making the rim side thicker than the opposing side.


If you would like to customize your coin ring further you may send me a message prior to purchase. I am able to accommodate reversing the design so that the obverse (inside) of the coin can show instead of the reverse (back) as pictured above. Regardless of your sizing, finish, or presentation choices each of these silver dollar rings will be unique. Using only top quality Morgan silver dollars in very fine to extra fine condition, it is easy to see why the details on the final product are so exquisite.

If you like our Morgan silver dollar coin rings but would like to add some color, click on the link below to check out our new colorized rings!

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