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The Last Laugh Coin Ring

Sold individually, each order is for one coin ring made to your specifications.
These rings are expertly handcrafted from a one ounce solid copper round. Featuring the Latin phrase, “Memento Mori,” which means, Remember Death, the coin aptly entitled, “The Last Laugh” is reminiscent of funeral art popular in the eighteenth century. The warning reminds man that death can come at any time and will always have the last laugh. A dark and foreboding piece, these rings are manly with a rustic look without breaking the pocket book.

The purchase of this listing includes one solid copper coin ring with the following specifications:

Customized to US sizes ranging from 9 - 16

Weight: 0.75 ounce

Height: 11.4mm

Finish: Black Patina

Free velvet ring bag included

Note: Copper jewelry can leave a green mark on the skin depending on the acidity levels in your body. However, our rings are sealed with a clear powder coat to prevent a green finger for as long as possible.

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