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Silver State Quarter Coin Ring - Handcrafted Jewelry




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Silver State Quarter Coin Ring

NOTE!: After purchase please leave a note attached to the order or message me with the State you wish to use for your quarter ring. Thank you.


This silver state quarter coin ring will feature a the state of your choosing created from a real 90% silver proof coin. The U.S. minted these state quarter coins from 1999 until 2008. Your silver state quarter coin ring will be a set date between these years depending on the state you choose. You have your choice of finishes either done in a beautiful black patina or a high shine polished silver finish. Each ring is expertly handcrafted from an authentic U.S. coin through the process of punching, annealing, folding, and filing. The ring takes approximately 1-2 hours to craft with every attention paid to detail. Whichever finish you choose, our silver state quarter coin ring is certain to make an exquisite addition to your collection capture the attention of all your friends and loved ones.


Material: 90% silver

Weight: Approx. 0.35 oz

Each purchase includes the following:

One authentic silver state quarter coin ring (you choose state)

Velvet ring bag


We recommend you are sized by a jeweler before purchase if you are unsure of your correct size. While our polished silver rings can be re-sized at any time, rings with black patina and clear coats cannot be re-sized without damaging the finish.

Delivery Time:

Please allow 3-5 business days for your silver state quarter coin ring to be handcrafted and shipped.

Additional Options - If you would like different options other than what is listed simply place the order then send me a message with your request, such as obverse (front) of coin showing rather than reverse(back).

Please see photos for examples of the rings with black patina and rings with a high shine silver polish.


When purchasing a coin ring you should choose a finish based on how you intend to wear the ring. If the ring will be worn on occasion for nights out with friends and family then a ring with a black patina finish is excellent. If you intend to wear the ring daily and/or while doing any type of manual labor it is recommended to purchase a polished silver finish that can be shined up by the wearer at any time. A patina on any coin ring will eventually fade over the course of time. I use professional patina solutions, however, the rings can be touched up at home by the wearer using a product called liver of sulfur which is fairly cheap and available at most hobby shops. I also offer a re-finishing service if preferred and will re-finish any of my coin rings for a small fee.

If you are looking for a little larger ring sure to impress please check out our Morgan silver dollar coin rings below.

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